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Children’s Dental Health

Children develop their first set of teeth, otherwise known as “baby teeth”, generally between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. The complete primary dentition is typically present by age 2.  They are of great importance to growing children.  Unfortunately, like adult teeth, without proper care, […]

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Dr. Oz…Medical Information or Sensationalism?

Dr. Oz, the new “demigod” of health news, has fallen from grace for me!  It’s almost as disapointing as finding out there was no santa claus, easter bunny, or in my case, as a dentist…no tooth fairy after all. His recent attacks on important dental procedures has […]

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Oral Cancer: Cause for Concern?

A high risk for getting oral cancer is no longer reserved for heavy drinkers and smokers. Risk factors had been older age, tobacco use and excessive consumption of alcohol. While these factors still increase your risk of acquiring oral and throat cancer, a newer risk factor has […]

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WHAT’S UP??? With tooth whitening?

There are many ways to get your teeth from dingy to dazzling. Today, society places much importance on the appearance of the smile. Simple whitening can make an enormous impact and takes years off your appearance…AND there exists a method for EVERY BUDGET! Here’s the quick lowdown. […]

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